RYDA 2021 Workshop in Clare

Unfortunately, RYDA did not happen in 2020 due to Covid 19. The district pushed hard for us to send information to schools for their use in classrooms, but we decided given everyone’s circumstances including any students studying from home, that schools had enough to contend with

RYDA aims to better prepare 16-17 year olds, who are about to start driving on the road, to adopt a safe and responsible attitude towards driving.

Sadly many young lives are cut short due to inexperience, recklessness and peer pressure.  The aim of the program therefore is to save lives and to prevent injuries to venerable young drivers and /or their passengers.

To help reinforce the responsibility Learner and Provisional drivers are under taking, the program includes a section on the “Offences and Penalties for Learner and Provisional Drivers (SA)”.  This section will help them to understand what is considered an unlawful offence and what the penalties are and how the demerit system works.

Students are addressed by more than 6 presenters on various topics giving valuable advice and life experiences over the school period time. Students responded very favourably and many are very impressed with the content.

Students receive a certificate of attendance and other paperwork from the major sponsor for the day, Beyond Bank, whose support is invaluable in providing funds for materials and feeding of all attendees.

Many thanks must go to all sponsors who also help to promote and run the program including:

Beyond Bank, Woolworths, Clare and Gilbert Valleys Council, Mid-North Motor Company, Hills Start Driving, Clare Sports Club, Clare Police, Port Pirie Police and RAA SA Motor.

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