Rotary Fellowship

Fellowship being a primary focus, we organised several interesting social meetings at various locations and undertook to provide strong fellowship events for each month when there was a 5th Monday. These included – Records and Management speaker at the Clare Hotel. Our visit to our member Graham’s business, Goode Restoration and sharing a meal in the workshop. A trip to the Waterloo Wind Farm was planned, but due to Covid 19, it was cancelled.

We organised the Christmas Dinner at Mintaro Institute where the catering was provided by members of the Mintaro Progress Association. We were the first group to use it after renovations and the paint was still fresh. It was a happy evening and they were kind enough to provide a visit from our friend in red. It was our plan this year, to expand out of Clare for some activities and meals so we were visible to more people in our area and they would become aware of what Rotary does in the wider community.

An African themed meal at the Rotary Centre was held and David Donato spoke about a recent trip he did with his daughter to Ethiopia to improve conditions in the village where Etabez was born. Our club has supported them with a monetary donation, and it was rewarding to see and hear what had been achieved. A new school building, cement floors and educational resources.

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